I’ve had a fab day

 Today has been lovely!

A little stressed this morning running round but a good morning, I have finally got my youngest a leotard for gymnastics. She is very excited about wearing it.

Then it was to pick ups present from the local retail park for a party that she was going to at lunch time. I really should have been more organised with it really.

The it was home and to get somethings ready to go to a friends in the afternoon and to drop off at the party.

I felt I had not stopped so was glad to grab some food and a brew!

Its also been snowing a little today but it has now turned to ran and it’s freezing 

( currently sat on the sofa with my dressing gown on over my clothes, it’s chilly)

Once we had picked up my youngest it was time for us to head up the motorway to my friend Liz’s house.

Where we posed for some family photos, if you are reading this Liz thank you again you are fab! You really are, you really lifted my spirits today. You are an amazing person!

I am really ment to be typing up my college work right now but I’m  lacking the motivation to do it. Maybe I will do it early tomorrow morning 

As we have another busy day :o)



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  1. Aww you were all fab models, very easy to photograph as you are all gorgeous! Canvas is ordered and should be here by the end of the week! xxx

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