It’s all shiny and new…

Hello and welcome to my blog… you may be thinking what? It does look a little different doesn’t it?
Well that’s because it has had a bit of a move, I have taken my blog and moved over to WordPress.
I did have some help as I wouldn’t know where to start with it, all the tech stuff just goes over my head so the lovely Kip from Three Fishes Design did all the work it was quick and easy on my part.

I haven’t used WordPress before so there’s a lot of new things that I need to learn and get to grips with. So go take a look around and see what you think.


  1. Oooo glad I came and checked the blog out. I’m making the move at the end of January. Heard it’s meant to be much better! Am just worried I won’t understand it!

    1. Hiya Martin,
      Thanks for stopping by, I’m glad that I made the move and I’m getting to grips with the new set up but its simple and easy to use,I’m really liking wordpress too.

    1. Thanks hun, yes I have jetpack not sure what to do with it lol but I have it. I’m really liking wordpress at the moment. x

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