I can’t believe it…

I am still in shock

This week I lost the stone out of my engagement ring…

I knew it was there in the morning when I was getting ready for work as it needed resizing and some times slips to the side. I also knew it was still there while I was at work, then because it had slipped to the side again I was turning it back when I thought…

That doesn’t feel right it was a little bit sharp, when I looked at my hand I could have cried there and then.



I didn’t know what to do, I checked around on the floor where I had been working and I couldn’t find it. I showed a friend and my heart sank and I could feel the tears filling my eyes although she did say I was rather calm at the time I was trying to hold back the emotion.

I didn’t know how I was going to tell the Mr, it’s not because of the value but the 14¬†years of sentimental value that ring held. I was heartbroken and well I still am. I tried to send a picture to the Mr but it wasn’t going through so I rang him…

I could feel myself getting more upset as I told him and after the initial “WHAT…..” He was like “Don’t worry about it, we can get it fixed with a new stone or we can buy another ring don’t worry about it.” He was so lovely about it but I still feel like my left hand has been chopped off.

I’ve taken the ring off and I’m going to see how much it’s going to cost to get it fixed, I am glad that I still have the actual ring and it’s not all lost.



    1. Well it never did turn up but in the meantime I have had a new diamond put in to do and I now feel complete again. x

  1. Oh that is so upsetting I hope it gets sorted without too much trouble I know it won’t be the same but I hope you’ll feel complete again. I misplaced both my wedding and engagement ring just yesterday and my heart totally sank luckily my daughter my found them xx

    1. Oh no! glad that you found them.
      I have had my ring fixed and its all sparkly, I now feel complete again. x

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