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Well the summer seemed to disappear rather quickly didn’t it! So now we are all back to school and enjoying the early morning and routine to the day.  I am struggling…. I’m struggling to find ideas for school lunches, both my girls take the lunch to school and I really struggle with ideas on keeping lunches healthy and being able to have something different and not the same thing all the time.

Here’s what was in my youngest lunch box on her first day back at school.


There was a Ham and Cheese sandwich on Warburton thins ( she prefers these to normal bread for school).  Some grapes and orange segments. A small Barney treat.. I sometimes sneak these in to my lunch and her favourite thing is her drink.

She really loves these a little more we were sent some a while back to try out you can check that post out here, they have become something that is always getting put into my trolley when we go shopping. So when I was contacted and asked if we would like to be sent some more I think the girls said yes before I could even finish the sentence.I had to put some away as they would have been gone within days and I really wanted to save them for going back to school. I think they are great for getting those added vitamins into them but in a fun way. She thinks they taste great. Her favourite has to be the Multivitamins one.

She loves fruit but at times I can find it expensive especially when its things like buying cherries and blueberries. I tend not to put chocolate bars and crisps in as i don’t really buy them.

My question to you is what would you or do you put into your lunch boxes, I would love to hear your ideas as I want to keep changing things and having different options for lunches. Any ideas on lunches for some one who is also dairy free, I’m sure my eldest is getting sick of pasta and salads.

Do you make them look fun or go for the Bento kind of lunch?

Help, I’m making a shopping list..



**I was sent a little more drinks, all views and opinions are my own and no other compensation was received**



  1. Check out Grace’s blog (Eats Amazing). Mine has had pasta, tomorrow cold leftover pizza.He likes cucumber sticks, yoghurt (low fat). I just got a nutribullet so hoping I can get more goodness into them that way.

  2. My daughter starts Reception Thursday so I need to make her first ever packed lunch. She is a fussy eater but will make her Sandwiches with some cheese, fruit and carrot sticks and maybe a small pack of crisps. Once I get into the routine of making lunches I might make more effort to make them fun! lol

  3. My son likes to have cheese sandwiches every day so I just go with that. Then there is a tub of cucumbers, tomatoes, carrot, pepper, etc. whatever we have in the house. Then there’s usually some sort of fruit snack for a bit of a treat: fruit flakes or a fruit bar.

  4. I don’t have to make a school lunch as my son is home educated and is a really fussy eater b/c of his sensory issues so quite limited but I adore all the bento style lunches and sandwiches cut like dinosaurs and all that. I recommend red currants, grow you own and all summer long you will have them 🙂

  5. My 9 year old is really fussy and I struggle so much as to what to give her for lunch…usually ends up the same thing!!

  6. I make butterfly shaped sandwiches but that is about it. Ours are not allowed barny cakes, or cakes of any form – all has to be healthy

  7. I’m not help here I’m afraid – my son used to go to school with pretty much the same packed lunch every day!

  8. I’ve never heard of that drink brand before but it looks great for lunches. Mine have cooked school lunches so this is one thing i’m so glad I don’t need to worry about!

  9. I sometimes do a little tub of cut up veg and meat with some pitta bread so they can make their own sandwiches. This seemed to work well especially with my youngest who likes it eat the filling and bread separate!

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