Happy Birthday

Time has just flown by! Today we are celebrating your 8th birthday. I really don’t know where the time has gone. It seems just like yesterday we were arriving at the hospital for induction as you were over due.

After having to give up my room for someone who was in labour, we had to wait a little longer for you to arrive. But it was well worth the wait and the pain that goes along with labour, to finally have you here safe and in my arms. There were so many people waiting to hear of your  arrival.


The person who was excited the most was Lucy she couldn’t wait to meet you and to be able to teach you all the things she knew.

Your first cuddle with your big sister

You seemed to grow far to fast and were doing this before you should have,  in fact  you were only a few days old and you were trying to hold your head up. I even managed to catch this dreamy smile on photo.

Dreamy smile
Dreamy smile

You quickly became a loveable little thing who was rather mischievous

       IMG_5995.IMG_5994 IMG_5996

You walked on your christening day, you at 10 months old and from then on you were running everywhere. You have grown up be a beautiful girl inside and out who is always helpful and loves to be around people. You have an infectious laugh that makes me laugh with you every time and also makes complete strangers laugh with you.

The years went but and then it was time for you to start school.


I knew you would love school and you sure did and still do. While looking for pictures for this post I came across so many that bought back memories and we have spent the afternoon looking at these photos together.

These are some of my favourites.




I can’t believe that you are 8!!!!!! I hope that you have a fantastic birthday but please can we slow down the growing up…



  1. She is beautiful, Rachel and what a lovely tribute you wrote to her, I am sure she will be chuffed to read it when she is a bit older!xx

  2. Gorgeous post and such lovely pictures too. I know it seems to go so, so fast. My daughter is now almost as tall as me and has bigger feet too! It’s great to see them grow, but sometimes you want it to stop for a bit too!

  3. A lovely tribute to a lovely girl! I can’t imagine being 8 but I’m sure it will roll around quickly.

  4. What a fab post and what a beautiful girl you have there. TIme really flies doesn’t it

  5. I just cannot believe how quick it’s all gone.
    Such a beautiful post, and lovely photos.
    And the next birthday will soon be here!

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