You may have seen some LEGO posts on my blog already as we are huge fans of LEGO, so when I got the opportunity to have a look at the new LEGO Friends movie Girlz 4 life… My longest spent ages jumping up and down begging me to say yes.

LEGO Friends GIRLZ 4 LIFE is the first ever feature-length film. It features the  LEGO Friends girls Mia, Emma, Andrea, Stephanie, Olivia and now Livi.

Livi LEGO friends

In LEGO Friends- GIRLZ 4 LIFE the girls friendships are put to the test when mega pop star Livi arrives in Heartlake City. When Mia tries to get their song to Livi it’s stolen by Livi’s manager. They devise a plan to get their song back and fast, they want to try to share the truth behind the song… The girls try to tell Livi that her new hit song is theirs.

The girls soon learn that fame isn’t everything and friendship is the more important.

I this movie had a good story line and was relatable to children in today’s world, it also saw the girls not giving up on something that they believed in and worked hard together. Which is something that I tell my girls daily, “To work hard and do the best that they can.” But also “To Believe in themselves.”

When I asked my 8-year-old what she thought about this movie she said  “It was brilliant, can we watch it again?” and “Can we go and buy a Livi LEGO set


LEGO FRIENDS GIRLZ 4 LIFE is available on DVD from the 15th February 2016 At the price of £7 cert: PG running time : 74 minutes.

There are some DVD extras too

  • Karaoke – You got the look-  Where you can sing along  with the words on the screen
  • Dance routines performed by L2M
  • Extra scenes
  • Official Music Video ‘Girls’ performed by L2M
  • Dance lessons performed by L2M – These are great to do while you are singing along to the karaoke.

Heres the trailer for you to check out.


*** I was sent this dvd for review all views and opinions are my own***