Fun with Experimake

We are always on the look out for fun activities to do with my 10-year-old, she’s always wanting to make something like slime for example (still something we need to do!). She loves learning and is always asking questions about how things are made.

So when we saw the Experimake  sets that’s are available at The Entertainer I thought they would be fab for her to have a go at making something but also learning at the same time.

EXPERIMAKE science sets are designed by scientists to encourage learning through fun. Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) education is important and each set will enable the development of at least two of these skills through play.

For a girl who is a bit of a Lush cosmetics fan, we had a go with the Superb Sea Shaped Soaps kit,  here’s what it says about the kit

Turn bath time into a marvellous science experiment with these Superb Sea Shaped Soaps from Nickelodeon Experimake. Ready to experimake? Make six scented and colourful soaps to make your time in the tub even more fun. Delicate gift bags and labels are also included. That’s not all, with some additional ingredients you can create your own aromatic exfoliating soaps. Getting clean becomes a science adventure with Nick’s Experimake!

Experimake superb sea shaped soaps box with gloved, food colouring red and blue, vanilla fragrance. Dish and sea horse moulds.

When I showed this to my 10-year-old she was so excited and wanted to get it out of the box straight away and get making. I was really impressed with what was inside the box here’s a list

  • 1 pair if protective gloves
  • Soap base (150g)
  • Vanilla Fragrance
  • Blue cosmetic colouring
  • Red cosmetic colouring
  • 3 gift bag
  • 3 pipettes
  • 2 wooden spatulas
  • 3 plastic moulds
  • 3 labels

We both read the instructions carefully so we both knew what we needed to do but, she took the lead and I was just an assistant. The instructions were really clear and I loved that it had scientific terminology in there with an explanation as to what it meant.

weighing out soap base into a cup ready to melt.

With everything ready off she went under a watchful eye, I loved seeing how enthusiastic she was. She weighed out her soap base and decided she wanted to double boil it due to us not having a microwave. This is where I stepped in to give some assistance but was soon ushered away again.

using the wooden spatula to help melt the soap base in a cup in hot water

She followed the soap instructions to the letter and got excited as it also gave you different ideas to make your own soap by adding driver flowers, aromatic herbs, oatmeal or even how to make exfoliating soap.

We stuck to using what was in the kit and opted to add a colour and the vanilla fragrance and I have to say the fragrance smelt lovely.

Adding red colouring using a pipette to the soap base

With our soap base melted and the colouring and fragrance added she poured the liquid soap in to her chosen mould.

pouring the orange soap into a seahorse mould

As soon as the first soap was in its mould she was busy weighing out more soap base to make another soap! We left the soaps in their moulds for around 2 hours to harden, I think we were both pretty impressed with the results.

finished soaps, a blue fish and an orange sea horse with vanilla fragrance

It’s fantastic that you can make more than one soap with this kit as many others only allow you to make one or two at the most. This kits allows you to make 6! I’m sure once we have used up the rest of the ingredients we will have to buy more, to make all the other recipes in the booklet, maybe this will cut down how much I spend at Lush. Experimake sets not only support education but are fun and enjoyable for adults, yes I too wanted to get stuck in and have a go.

The price of these kits are fab at £10 I already have my eye on some other sets I think she would enjoy and are great for gifts for budding scientists too.

**I was gifted this kit in return for my honest opinion**