Fun things to do with the kids in the holidays

So I was thinking about how when the kids finish school for the holidays and they sit around saying they are bored or you just want something fun to do with them well I have come up with a list of 25 things you can/might want to do 
1. Make a Scrapbook
2. Host a sleepover 
3. Make ice cream sandwiches (not the bread kind lol)
4. Get the kids to tidy their room and see what they can donate to charity 
5. Make a bird feeder and wait to see the different kids of birds visiting your garden
6. Go swimming 
7. Go for a walk to a park/woods climb a tree and roll down a big hill
8. Pitch a tent in the garden and camp out overnight
9. build a den either in the woods or in the lounge with chairs and blankets
10. Run around in the rain it shouldn’t be so difficult especially with our weather.
11. Fly a kite
12. Catch a fish with a net
13. Go on a long bike ride e.g along a canal
14. Make a mud pie
15. Make a daisy chain
16. Play pooh sticks in a stream
17. Go on a train ride somewhere you have never been.
18. Go fruit picking
19. Go star gazing
20. Hunt for some bugs 
21. Take a camera and go visiting local sites and make a calendar
22. Find a geocashe
23. Visit a maize maze
24. Create some art with the things you find on a nature walk
25. Toast some marshmallows on a camp fire.
Let me know if you do any of these things I would love to read about them leave the link in the comments section and I will pop on over