Fat To Fit????

If some of you have been around long enough you might remember a little series I had here called Fat to Fit Friday. Where I tried to get myself healthier and feeling better about myself.

Seen as I haven’t posted a fat to fit Friday for a very long time, some may say that I failed in getting myself healthier and yes you’re right I did fail. I just couldn’t keep myself going. I found I was restricting myself and I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing.

For me your head has to be in the right place and have the motivation to keep going and enjoy the changes that you are making within your life.

So yes I gave up!

Fast forward to January 2018

After weeks of thinking about how I have been feeling and how low in self-confidence I am with how I look and seeing others around me making the changes I wanted to make but too scared to take that leap of faith to commit myself to failure again. That was my mindset why try and fail for yet another time.

But then, if you don’t try you never know right?

So on the 13/1/ I got up at 7am got ready and walked up to my local Slimming World group and signed up. It was time to make those changes that I wanted/ needed to make.
So this is me

Yes this is a small picture, I don’t really like pictures of me.

This is the person who isn’t confident, even though at times it seems like I am, deep down I’m far from it. This is me I am not happy with how I look. How I feel.

I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to document my progress here yet, I would like to keep a log so that I can look back on for when I reach where I want to be or when I’m finding things hard to see how far I have come.

This time I’m not going to fail,  I’m going to keep going and I WILL reach a place where I am who I want to be and be happier and healthier for not just me but for my family.

Thank you for taking the time to read this ramble but I just wanted to get something down to give me the motivation to keep going.