Fat to fit Friday

Hello and welcome to a new blog series FAT TO FIT.

I have many a time blogged about wanting to lose weight and get healthy and  can say that I have failed on more than one occasion at doing so…

I have tired  diets and well I can do it and I have lost weight by doing them quiet well. So why didn’t I carry on??? Well they cost quite a bit of money but also I felt like I didn’t get much out if the groups. The worst part for me was the going round the room telling losses and gains of the other people in the class.

So, I gave up and yes the weight that I had lost came back on and a bit more. Back in February I wrote an honest post that you can check out here. It has taken me until now to really get started on what I want to achieve.


This is me its not the most recent picture of me but it the only full length on that I can find. I not really one for being in front of the camera I am normally the one behind taking the photos.

Picture of me

I may look happy, but I’m not happy with how I look so its time to change! Why is this time different to all other times… I’m not sure but I want to achieve this time. So I have now decided that I will put it all on here for you to read and keep me motivated. Fridays are now going to be FIT TO FAT FRIDAY. Fasten your seatbelt as it may be a bumpy ride.


    1. Thank you, I am hoping this time I can reach my end goal. Hope you will be checking back in on my progress.

  1. Having been a yo-yo dieter my whole life, and having read so much online, I can safely say that, in the long term, diets do not work… that’s not to say, I don’t keep going on them, I do. It’s always the “if only I could lose x amount of stone I’ll be okay”. The key thing is the – putting the weight back on and more. The and more has got me to my heaviest ever, and my unhappiest ever. And that’s why I’m perpetually on a diet of some sort. I know I’m screwing my body up further, but it’s an obsession, that I don’t seem to ever get right. Sorry, I’m rambling now -_-

    Good luck with your personal journey – we are all so different xx

    1. I to have been on many of diets and well, I just can’t keep going with them. for me I think they are designed so that you need to keep going back and they then make lots of money out of it.
      I hope that you check back and help keep me motivated 🙂

  2. Weight loss is such a hard subject, I am struggling with my weight too after losing 4 stone, plateauing for ages then gradually putting two and a half back on again! I’m trying again but I’m coming to realise that I can only take one meal at a time – not even one day. Good luck with your Fat to Fit project. There are many of us out here on the same journey, rooting for you.

    1. It is a hard subject especially for me. I have been struggling with my weight since my teens and I find i just have no will power at all.
      WOW well done you for loosing so much. I’m finding it really hard to decide what to eat and to make those healthier choices when I know what I would really like to eat.
      I do hope that you will be coming back to see how I’m getting on. x

  3. Good luck lady and hopefully we can both get focused and make the changes we both want.
    Just remember to take it one step at a time and if you fall off the wagon, that doesn’t mean the journey ends. Get back on the wagon and carry on down the road to success! #Corny
    Keep me updated!

    1. LOL cheers dude, I am really hoping i can succeed this time…. although there is some negativity in my mind at the moment.
      I’m sure that I will fall off many times but I’m hoping to just get back on and keep going.
      I will keep you updated! 🙂

  4. Good for you! Good luck with your mission… I really need to go on the same one x

  5. Good for you for taking the first steps. I need to do something about my weight too

  6. Best of luck. I lost 3 dress sizes by just cutting right back on sugar. I do think small lifestyle changes are the way forward.

    1. Wow well done you hun. Have just cut out sugar in my hot drinks. I’m also doing more exercise.

  7. I yo-yo diet I have to admit – good luck in your weight loss journey perhaps I’ll gain some motivation watching you 🙂 x

    1. Thank you, I hope that I can motivate you, keep checking back and see how I am doing.

  8. Best of luck to you. I’ve given up on diets myself, I just try to stick to healthy eating and keep myself active to prevent myself from getting too big. It’s a good feeling though, even if you don’t lose tons of weight, just getting some off and feeling fitter.

    1. Thanks, I am really enjoying doing more exercise, although finding time to fit it in is hard.

    1. It is a tough thing for me to talk about but I hope I can reach my goals.

  9. Good Luck with it. I lost over a stone with Thinking Slimmer but am at that plateau stage and just cannot lose anymore. I don’t think I am destined to be a size 12 ever again

    1. Is thinking slimmer good, I have looked at it a few times. I would just like to be able to walk in to any shop and pick something up off the rack and for it to fit.

  10. Good luck! I think the only way to do it and keep it off is to change eating habits/exercise for good. I’ve lost about a stone over a year or two & kept it off. Need to lose another stone though really.

  11. Blogging can be a great motivator for anything you want to do. The acts of thinking about your goals and progress, writing it all down in a public space and getting feedback from a supportive community can really help drive you forward. Hope you get to a point where you feel strong, healthy and happy with it all. x

  12. Blogging about your relationship with food will really help. I post on a Thursday about my on going weight lose struggle, and I’ve found it really helpful. Do pop over if you want a little inspiration, and good luck with your mission.Half the battle is being in the right mind set

  13. wow well done you, I’ve been meaning to loose weight for a long time. need to be more disciplined . Good thing about blogging it can be good motivation! good luck

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