Fat To Fit Friday week 4

Well, it was a rather depressing Fat To Fit week last week wasn’t it?

I can’t say that this week has been much better really. I seem to have caught some back to school germs which have really knocked me off my feet this week., Ive also been experiencing a lot of hip pain to but have no idea why. So yet again no gym selfies. I have been feeling pretty down about my body image and a catching myself in the full length mirror really got to me and I wonder why I let myself get like this. Even wondering why the Mr still finds me attractive etc. But I am putting all this negative thoughts to the back and I’m ready to give myself the kick up the bum I need.

Like I said in last weeks post I had ordered myself a tracker to help me keep track of exercise etc. I have been looking at fitness trackers for sometime and I was surprised at how many trackers there are out there on the market. I decided to go for a FitBit one. They had some many to choose from and ones that do things that others don’t I finally decided to get the….


I went for the Surge which is classed at their Ultimate Fitness Tracker and Smartwatch. It is their priciest one but It had all the features that I was looking for.

GPS tracking which is great for walks, runs, jogs and even bike rides. I am looking forward to trying it out on a ride. It has a heart rate monitor  great for knowing when I’m in the fat burning zone when working out. You can track other activities like yoga and weights. It’s also a watch which mean that I can wear it all day too. With it being a smart watch it can send me notifications when my phone rings or I get a txt. Something that I was really looking forward to monitoring is my sleep patterns as sometimes I feel like I don’t get enough sleep. I have already discovered from the sleep monitoring that I am a pretty restless sleeper. But I seems to be getting between 7 and 8 hours sleep on average.

I’m sure that I will discover more features and ways to use it as I use it more.


I also really like the FitBit app on my phone too as I can set my goals on there, track my water intake as well as logging food and it also syncs up with the  MyfitnessPal app too.

With my new tracker ready to get going, this weekend I’m going to book a block of PT sessions and get back on it. Spending the money on the PT sessions I feel like I’ve made the commitment and I have to go because I’ve paid and I hate wasting money.

Heres to a much more positive week, I also want to say thank you for all you comments on last weeks post. You all help lift my spirits.

Goals for this week

  1. Book PT sessions
  2. Buy a sports Bra
  3. Get my backside to the gym!!!




  1. I do love a sports gadget! I love my polar running watch as it beeps when I sit on my bum for too long. You described exactly how I feel, I feel a bit back to school germish here too. Here’s to a cracking week next week!

  2. I like the list – buy a sports bra!! haha I’m like that – really need one! Hope you feel better soon – maybe a gym session is just what you need to help get out the built up energy? Good luck 🙂

  3. Hope the fitbit encourages you a bit, having one on my worst always makes me do more lol xxx

  4. I’ve got myself a fitbit – a different model though and it’s excellent for encouraging me. I had no idea how sedentary I was before, now I find myself power walking round the bedroom at the end of the day just to make sure I reach my target some days!

    I’ll be interested to hear how this model works for you.

  5. These watches look great! I’ve seen a few reviews recently all good

  6. I need to get a sports bra too, finding jogging far too uncomforable. Glad to hear it has been a better week xx

  7. Be interesting to see how this goes Rachel, I was thinking of getting one of these. Might help me step away from my computer more than I do currently! I need to start jogging again I think!

  8. I was looking at apps counting steps but then I thought it’s going to drain my mobile battery and ended up with nothing but this gadget would be perfect for me 🙂 I’m curious how thing will go with you!

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