Fat To Fit Friday Week 3

I’m now three weeks in to this journey from Fat To Fit and this week has been a complete fail. There are no gym  selfies this week, in fact I haven’t been the gym in a week.

My last workout was my taster with the PT and I really enjoyed it and it certainly was a work out as my muscles were hurting for about 4 days after. The girls found it funny that I struggled to walk up and down the stairs but to me I felt that it was a great work out done.

So how is this week a complete fail. Yes I am making some excuses and I know that I shouldn’t be making them. It has been all go with being back at work and the kids back at school, settling back in to a routine, I also have to do things on my own for a few days a week while the Mr is away for work.

I don’t feel I have been in the right frame of mind, in fact I feel like I’ve been so up and down this week so much that I have found it hard to deal with.  I knew when I started this journey it wasn’t going to be easy as pie, let me tell you it’s a lot harder than you think.

Harder than I thought it was going to be!

How do you break the habits of a life time……

How do you fit it in with the family…..

How do you find the time to fit in the exercise it takes….

I’m sat here feeling pretty emotional and holding back the tears, why I don’t know, this seems like quite a depressing post doesn’t it but I want to record the whole journey including all the times I am and will struggle.

Food seems to be the big issue for me right now, I find myself reaching for stuff that I shouldn’t be doing. Even knowing that it’s not the best thing to eat but still wanting/eating it. It doesn’t make me feel any better but I am still in the habit of comfort eating. My willpower is crap!!

Seeing the Mr succeeding in his journey is making it hard too, he’s making it look so easy with having lost almost half a stone and his will power is amazing and while am really pleased for him. I hate the fact that I have yet to make a small dent in to my own weight loss.

So how am I going to turn this around in this next week…

I ordered a tracker to help me track my exercise, I am going to log what I eat to make myself accountable. I need to be honest with myself and not make excuses. I am going to MAKE the time and effort needed to go and exercise.

Apologies again for negative post but this is real life journey and there are going to be many up’s and down’s along the way.




  1. There will always be ups and downs, but stay strong and positive. Maybe book another session with the PR? Give it a bit longer to get into the groove with everything else, and maybe don’t buy the stuff you shouldn’t eat (this is always my husband’s suggestion and it does kind of work.). Really good luck. Xxx

  2. Stick with it – maybe your body just needs a bit of a rest. Sometimes you just need a break to remember how much you enjoy exercise x

  3. I can relate to this, my own fitness plan is so up and down. I find doing exercise routines off YouTube helps as I can find one even if it is just a 5 minutes or 10 minute one. I don’t feel so bad then. Every time I have the munchies I am trying to have a cup of tea or water instead. Don’t be hard on yourself, life just gets in the way sometimes x

  4. I have having lots of problems with my body tend to keep away from anything with pictures with people looking skinny as cant cope 🙁

  5. I can really relate to this…my will power is often pushed. Don’t worry, some days will go better than others, it’s just all part of the journey.

  6. I think that we all have weeks like this. I have struggled this week as I have missed my boys and it has really changed my mood

  7. Try not to be too hard on yourself- we all have these weeks and losing weight is not easy. I went to the gym this week, did a spin class and woke the next morning aching all over which ruined my plans for an early run! I stayed in bed instead then felt bad but I guess all I can do is to try again. There is no Plan B. Good luck with it all- I hope next week is better.

  8. I know this feeling so well. I have been trying to lose weight since april and although I am one stone lighter, I am still not happy in myself and that is what makes it so difficult. When you feel down it makes it so hard to succeed at anything. Hope you have a better week this week x

  9. Hi Rachel
    Going to be honest – when i stopped by your post i perked up and was excited to read how you got on as i’ve been following your journey.
    I am not surprised you have had an off week – you’ve been working hard and you are a full time Mum. That alone warrants zero time to visit the gym.
    Please do not put too much pressure on yourself and don’t feel down.
    Monday is a new week so hopefully you can start again.
    See you next week and sending lots of support xx

  10. This is my struggle too – I just cannot fit it all in and something has to give – give Thinking Slimmer a try, it really does help to break those habits

  11. I really want to loose weight but I’m so unmotivated to exercise! I also don’t want to be restrictive with food so er … I’m failing completely! We all have bad weeks (or years in my case!) brush yourself off and be back on it next week.

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