Fat to Fit Friday- Bike ride

Well, its been a while since I have done a Fat to Fit post hasn’t it.  Apologies for that I just really haven’t been in the right frame of mind to be doing it.

Yes that’s an excuse but you have to be in the right frame of mind to do it.

Any way, after weeks of the Mr and my youngest (8) going on bike rides together and I mean they can go from anywhere between 8 miles and 20 miles on ride. I finally agreed to go out with them on a ride. I have agreed in the past but always found something else to do and would let them go off by themselves and enjoy listening to my youngest when she got back. I knew this time I couldn’t make an excuse, I had promised to go. In summer when I got my youngest a bike for her birthday I also got myself one too, it’s been sat in the shed waiting for the day I would get it out and take it for a ride.

The Mr told me that it would be an easy ride…. as it was all flat and we were going to ride along the canal. So they  day came and we got ourselves ready, packed a bag with some lunch and we were ready for the off. Now I have to admit I was feeling rather nervous about this bike ride and well it was my first ride since I was a kid. Also knowing that it was a big ride,yes I had decided to go on a 20 mile ride…….. Mr reassured me that it would be easy as it was all flat and my youngest telling me you will be fine Mum.


Off we went I was a bit wobbly to start with but soon got into the swing of things. It was a nice autumn morning cool but with some sunshine. I felt good  although my bum didn’t on the seat, I think I must
have forgotten how hard those seats are. I was quite positive that I could do this even though my bum was hurting. I didn’t push myself to keep up with them and they did go off ahead a little bit. I really thought the it would be an easy ride…. But I was wrong, I found myself having  to stop every so often just give my bum a break lol. There were some really narrow paths on the canal and at one point I wobbled and thought I was going to fall in.

I have to say it was a beautiful ride, there was lots of wildlife and parts of theSelfie
area I had never seen before. We stopped to have a drink and I of course took a selfie. Looking rather good after riding 9 miles  don’t you think.

Not sure if you can tell but I’m hiding the pain well. I was really struggling at this point with some hip pain and wanted the ride to just end. My youngest seemed to keep me going, just watching her ride her bike with such excitement to share the ride with me made it worth it.

We finally  made it too Pennington Flash and I think I was the quickest to get off my bike lol, we sat by the water and enjoyed our little picnic we had taken with us. All it was short of was a nice hot brew, I didn’t think it was that cold but when we stopped it was freezing and the clouds had started to roll in. While me and the Mr chatted the imp enjoyed playing on the climbing frame, I really don’t know where she gets her energy from a 10 mile ride and she was still bouncing around.

I really wish that I had taken my camera with us as it would have been nice to get some nice shots of the flash. I did take this one on my phone.


As you can see its rather pretty and even better when the sun is shinning. The Mr filmed a time-lapse with the GoPro.

At this point I was starting to get anxious about the ride back as riding 10 miles was a huge achievement for me. The knowing it was 10 miles home well it filled me with dread. We managed to get the Imp of the playground with the promise of a hot chocolate when we got home we were off on our way.

I tell you getting back on that seat was painful!!!!

The journey home was a tough one, I had to stop more due to the discomfort and well I wanted to cry, I just wanted to get home. The tears I couldn’t hold back and it got rather emotional for me, yes i was in pain from the stupid seat and my hip but also from the fact that I was struggling and couldn’t do it….. I really did have to dig deep to keep going, even getting off the bike and pushing it for a few minutes. As soon as I saw a familiar sight I knew I was almost home and seemed to find some willpower from somewhere to get home.

When I did get home there was a huge feeling of relief… I had ridden 20 miles that’s a bloody achievement for me, a fat girl rode 20 miles!!!!!! I was sweaty and cold and couldn’t  wait to jump in the shower where can you guess…. I cried.

Maybe I did do too much too soon and should have started with a much smaller ride but I pushed myself to the limit and did it, I am proud. Would I do it again.. Well yes I might but at the moment the thought of the bum pain sends shivers down my spine lol .




  1. 20 miles on the bikes? Wow. That is amazing. I can’t do 2 🙂 I can’t even get on the bikes anymore because of the pain in my knees and back, so I am constantly missing out on the rides my husband does with the boys. You are so lucky you could join and had such a lovely day (even with the pain and the crying at the end).

  2. I read this with amazement – I can’t believe you just got on the bike and rode so far in one day. You’re such a star, despite the bottom pain!! Congrats to you, and also love that view. ..

  3. Well done for finishing. I am not sure I could have done it. My bike is in the garage and I haven’t been on it for over 10 years. I did buy a new seat for it after only using it one as my bottom was in so much pain!

  4. 20 miles is a long way! We’ll done you. If you’re having problems with your hip go for a bike fit. It could well be down to your seat position being too low or you’re not sitting on it correctly. It can really make a difference.

  5. Wow 20 miles well done. I can imagine how saddle sore you were after. I did a 45 min spin class last week and I was in pain from seat after lol.

  6. I love cycling and I always ride further than I should forgetting that I need to come home again. It is a great achievement, well done

  7. That’s amazing! well done, I don’t think I could have cycled that far at all as I haven’t been on one since i was a kid. Maybe I’ll give it a go. x

  8. Wow! Well done you! What a great ride at 20 miles! That is fantastic, I am very impressed. Padded shorts definitely help with saddle discomfort. They are worth investing in and make a big a difference. I hope you get back out there. It gets easier quite quickly, I promise!

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