Dear Troll,

First I would like to thank you for your concern and the amount of time and effort you put in to finding information out and then telling me in a lovely comment.

I get that when you put yourself out there on the internet, you’re bound to get some people /someone who might want to attack you and for no real reason.

You’re person who sits behind a screen and taps away hurtful and down right rude things about someone you don’t even know or may have never met. I do wonder what is going on in your own life for you to feel and say such hurtful comments to someone else who has done nothing to hurt you. Then moving on the next person you want to attack, hoping that they will fall apart at your pathetic comment.

Have you even taken the time to think about what is going on in that person’s life? No I don’t think you have.

Do you even think about how that person may feel what they read that rude and hurtful comment?  Probably not.

Tell me what would you do if that person was really struggling and took your comment so seriously that they MIGHT thats if the believe what you are saying, do something drastic to themselves for an example and this is EXTREME but to end their life, did you think about that??? i didn’t think so because you sit there hiding away, stewing in your own self-pity to bring others down to your level.

This it my little nook on the internet and I thank your for taking the time to come  and visit and visit my other social media accounts, did you know that you are helping  to boost my views which is great for me.

I get to choose what I want to put here on MY Blog and when I want to do it. Just because I haven’t posted about something in a while doesn’t give you  a right to comment on it or anything else that concerns you. I don’t believe anything that I do should affect you at all, but your concern for me well again I will thank you for pointing out some thing and I’m politely telling you to do one!

Have you thought about getting outside to some fresh air I think it  will do you the world of good, as I am concerned that sitting behind that computer screen isn’t doing your health or mental health any good.


Yours Sincerely






  1. What a fabulous post! I love how you’ve reacted to some sad cowardly bastard – they’re honestly not worth a second thought! You’re a wonderful lady X

  2. Rachel I’m so sorry this is happening to you. Remembers the troll’s behaviour says more about them than you x

  3. Haha, sad people like this make me chuckle. I’ve had them tell me to kill myself and all sorts, as if we take notice of them. Erm…. No thanks! You’re a pathetic loser hiding behind a keyboard, you’re opinion matters not a bit!! Honestly mate, says more about them than it does you. Keep going! X

  4. The trolls are worse than mean girls in school take no notice of them, delete their comments they add no value to conservation but to cause trouble and problems.

  5. Well said!!! I think it is so sad that people actually have the time and effort to sit and write horrible comments. They need to get a life! Well done for standing up to them and try not to let it get to you. They really are not worth it x

  6. Rachel let me guess. Their comments are anonymous? Cowards. That’s what they are. A coward. And a bully. How dare they be so vile to you. They clearly have something wron in their own life to think it’s acceptable to be so revolting and to keep coming back to do it again

    Publish their comments so we can read and tear the comment apart. I can guarantee anything personal they are saying will all be false

    Stay strong Rachel and know that you are a much better person than they are

    They are just a faceless twat

  7. Fabulous response, as I’ve said before this isn’t about you it’s about the persons jealousy, envy, rage for whatever reason (only know to them) This does not reflect badly on you but instead on them. They clearly deep down admire you to have spent so long looking slat your work. For every one horrible person out there, there will be a million nice people who want to wish you well. Onwards and upwards! Don’t stop being awesome!

  8. Wow there are some strange people out there. Keep recording the IP address, your internet service provider and police can help track who it is. Well done on this post lovely x

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