Day21-31 day challenge

Day 21- 10 of your favourite foods

1. This would have to be anything Italian I love Italian food

2. Burritos not sure I spelled that correctly but they are soooooo yummy. I love making them at home but my kids aren’t really into spicy food.

3. Cereal… I love having a bowl of cereal but the ones for kids haha I’m a sucker for coco pops

4. Pringles because once you pop your can’t stop lol

5. Toast with proper sales butter yummy

6. Toffee muller light yogurts

7. My home made salad it’s very yummy

8. Chinese food I love duck pancakes

9. Veggie burgers

10. A good old Sunday roast!


  1. I can’t handle all this talk of food lol! Chinese….Mmmm xxx

  2. Duck pancakes and cocopops – love them (not together!)

  3. Veggie burgers – yes, when I lived in Nottingham, I used to go to a vegetarian shop that sold them, and I particularly liked the nut variety. Nowadays, Holland & Barratt do a nut roast mix which is the nearest I’ve been able to find to it.

  4. Hehehe! I love cereal too! But I don’t eat it for breakfasts. Just snacks in the middle of the night. 😉

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