Day20-31 day challenge

Day 19- A difficult time in your life

We I have been through some stuff that I don’t really want to put on my blog as well it still hurts but getting there.

Other than that it would be when both my nans passed away one while I was pregnant with my 1 child and she had bought me gifts for the baby before she passed away. It was so hert breaking when she died and I haven’t been able to gt rid of those baby items since.

When my other nan passed away it was really hard. She was like a mum to me she lived with us all of my life and we had such a good bond.

I miss my nans



  1. Sorry for the loss of your nans. My grandparents all died before I was 8 – I would love to have got to know them as a adult, and for them to have met my kids.

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