Day 9 – Piercings and Tattoos?

Blog challenge

DO I have any piercings?

I do have some piercings, I have my ear lobes pierced as well as a tragus piercing in my left ear. In my right ear I have a double helix (cartilage) at the top. I have had other piercings too but I took them out a while back now. I used to have my tongue and my  belly button pierced, I took my belly button piercing out when I was pregnant with my eldest.

Do I plan on getting more piercings? Not at the moment.

Do I have any tattoos?

Yes I do, I have 5 tattoos, I have one on my back, one on each wrist, one on my tummy and then one on my foot.

Do I plan on having more? yup I am planning on getting more at some point, hopefully one sooner rather than later as i have been wanting it done for a number of years now.