Day 7 31 Day challenge

Day 7-  Your Pet hates
Ok so this is going to sound funny but butter that has jam or crumbs in it. This happens to me all the time esp when visiting the in laws….. why cant you just clean the knife before putting it back in the butter
lol its silly but a pet hate.
Another is people being late. I always try to be on time and if I am running late I let people know and then feel guilty about it. 


  1. Ooh that IS really annoying. I can’t deal with foods mixing like that. 🙁

  2. Yes – only 2? I’m impressed – you are much more tolerant than I am!

  3. Ahh I could have posted alot more but then it would have turned in to more of a rant lol.
    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my posts it means alot

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