Day 6 – 3 personality traits

blog challenge

I am hard working

This is something that I just put my all it to, I have come along way in the last 4 years with my career and thats all down to the hard work that I put into to it. I tell my children all the time to do their best in everything and as long as they work to the best of their ability then thats all i can ask of them.

Plus with working full time and a home to run means I always have something to do.

I’m caring

I often think of others before myself, I’m here for people when they are in need. Sometimes people need to put others before themselves.

being friendly

I enjoy meeting you people and well, I will always try ┬áto make them feel welcome and happy. I’m a social person and will pretty much end up talking to random people.


Those are my 3 traits that I am proud of, what are traits are you proud of?