Day 5 – My guilty pleasure

blog challenge

Ahh my guilty pleasure……

Can you guess what/who it may be?

Well my guilty pleasure is probably pleasures really. But the first one will have to be  Justin Bieber,  What do you mean? I hear you say. Yes I can guess you have just shook your head in shame but I can’t help it!

Ok let me explain how and why, it was only a recentish time ago where I was watching TGIF on channel 4 and well, he was performing and I just could take my eyes away from the screen, Just how he performed on stage and the catchy music that he has released recently well it just makes me want to dance and that’s a good thing. I even turned to the Mr and told him that I think JB is my guilty pleasure.

Even though my teen tells me No, when his songs come on the radio, I just cant help but sing and dance along esp in the car, I am lucky that my youngest likes his music to then I have an excuse to listen to it.


So whats your guilt pleasure?

I’m off to listen to some Bieber and to dance around.


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  1. My guilty pleasure is Judge Rinder (although not in *that* way, I’m not his type!). He’s brilliant! Musically I’m quite partial to a bit of Justin Timberlake at the moment but I get what you mean about Bieber – definitely guilty pleasure material!

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