Day 4 – My earliest memory

blog challenge

Wow, this one is hard, my earliest memory???

The one that first comes in to my head, would be a family get together when I was around 4 years
old, I think,I know I was only young.

I remember that we were in my  back garden which was quite long and had a couple of hills as it slopped down a bit in parts. I remember that I  had this white bike which had pink daisies on it, there were also stabilizers on it, there was also a basket on the front which also had a pink daisy on it and then on the back of the bike it had a little chair for my doll.
So was just riding around the garden enjoying the fun that was going on. My uncle who may of had a alcoholic drink at the time thought it would be fun to ride my bike down the garden over the hills to see if he could go fast on a little bike and to see if he could get some air on the dips.

Then remember giving him my bike and him getting on it he looked like a giant on it and then in a flash he was off down the garden having to stand up on the bike, he was far to big for it.

That’s my earliest memory, most of all I was hoping that he wouldn’t break my bike or make the stabilizers fall off.

Whats your earliest memory? let me know I think its amazing that we can remember something which happened so long ago.