DAY 4 – 31 Day challenge

Day 4- What are you afraid of

For me this has to be the dentist……
I really start to get panicky and well if I know I have to go I cry, feel sick and physically shake.
I know its something that some people really enjoy but I HATE it. It’s sending me funny just thinking about it. It all stems from my childhood dentist *shivers* He wasn’t very nice and always spoke very quietly, he just didn’t make me feel comfortable. Also a while ago I had to be referred to the dentist around the corner from mine as I get so panicky I needed to be sedated to get the work done properly….. I don’t like having things in my mouth.
its a horrible feeling…
A few months ago my husband was in a lot of pain and needed to go to the dentist, he made and appointment and asked me to go along with him. Me being the loving wife said yes but I could already feel myself getting panicky. So when the day arrived I felt like it was me getting the work done. Sat in the waiting room I was shaking and just not something i enjoy. 
lol its a silly thing to be afraid of but I am afraid of the dentist.


  1. Not a silly thing to be affraid of at all. I dislike the dentist but can just about cope. Xxx

  2. Not silly at all! I’m not keen on things in my mouth and it always makes me gag. Definitely more rational than my fear of spiders! xx

  3. Aw, bless you. I always loved going to the dentist, until after I had my son. I’d never had a cavity or any problems before, but after I had him, I wound up with three cavities and SUPER sensitive teeth. Getting them fixed was excruciating, and I’d happily never go back now!

  4. Yes, the dentist. That’s a good one. My dentist sings to me. It helps! Bless his heart! Have a great day!

    Vicky @ sleeping in an unmade bed

  5. Oh, I forgot all about that — I’ve always had a phobia of dentists — I guess it’s so strong I blocked the whole thing out because I didn’t even think of that when I wrote my post! And, of course, I have terrible teeth and have had to have a ton of work — sigh. Got to love denial some days 🙂

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