Day 3 The meaning of the name of my blog

Blog challenge


Well its pretty simple really, I spent ages trying to come up with a name for my blog, it did used to be It’s just me but that didn’t really explain it, so after hours of trying to think of it, I said to myself what really is this blog about……

It’s just me and my life.

This blog really is just about me and my life and everything else that goes along with it. It may seem a little boring to others but to me its just fine. A place where I can document and talk about life ups and downs, parenting which believe me I seem to be learning something new all the time as the kids are growing up.

My little corner where I can be me just me. A place where I’m not mum or wife, where I can be Rachel.


Doesn’t seem very exciting reading it back but its simple, it’s to the point (well to me is it). You may see all different types of posts here and I like