Day 2- 31 Day challenge

Day 2- 20 Facts about you.
Errmmm 20?? that’s a lot… do I have 20 lol here goes
1. I’m originally from the West Midlands but moved up North 10 years ago.
2. My fave drink would have to be iced coffee
3. I have curly hair :o(
4. I love singing along to music in the car and car dance
5. I have 5 tattoos and planning on another one eek
6. I always have to be on time or early when meeting people 
7. I’m a little bit messy
8. I have 2 cats
9. I don’t like bugs *shivers*
10. I’m addicted to twitter- go follow me @loopyrach 
11. I like rugby league and NFL
12. I love Apple products
13. I love bags
14. I have a short temper at time
15. I love going to the cinema
16. I love taking photos
17. I really should be doing the house work right now :o/
18. I like to bake 
19. I like to make people smile
20. I don’t like how I look


  1. Now following you on Twitter – I am just getting into Twitter now. It took a while for it to grow on me!

  2. Lovely to meet you, looks like we have similar things in our lists! I too have curly hair (which i hate). 5 Tattoos? brave lady, i’m stilly trying to pluck up the courage to go and get one done, would love my son’s name on my wrist xx

  3. I have to be early, as well. I got it from my mother who is ALWAYS early. Added you on twitter, btw. @snuggle_bubby. 🙂

  4. It’s funny how you want what you don’t have. I’ve always wanted curls in my hair, but super frizzy is as close as it gets. I have 2 tattoos and have 2 planned for the near future! I have a bag issue also.. 🙂

  5. Car singing and dancing is always good! I am always early although my punctuality is not as good now that I have a baby in tow – drives me insane but it just can’t be helped at times. Look forward to finding out more about you this month 🙂

  6. Thank you Jan I will follow you back x

    Hi Vicky, I have my girls names on my wrist, they dont hurt that much or I wouldnt have 5 lol

    Hi Katie thanks for the follow on twitter I will follow you back.

    Hey Chelsea, I would love if mine was just a nice curl but its not lol.

    Mushypea how old is the little one?

  7. i love bags and Apple products as well. I struggled finding 20 things this morning and now my head is full of them x

  8. I’d give anything for curly hair! And I now have tattoo envy- I’ve only got 2 and want more but can’t afford them 🙁 Great facts- looking forward to getting to know you better over the challenge! x

  9. Now following you on Twitter. @23thirty
    I LOVE iced coffee too! Have you tried the new International Delight Iced Coffee? YUMMY!!
    I have 3 tattoos and want more!
    One piece of advice….Stop not liking how you look. You are beautiful!!!
    Enjoyed your list!

  10. Your hair looks pretty fab to me! 5 Tatoos? Im with Nat on tatoo envy. I love singing my heart out in the car. The boys think I’m mental but they are young enough to forget 😉 xx

  11. there is much common ground there! just wish I had your hair though….

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