Day 18 – What am I afraid of?

What are you afraid of?

For me this has to be the dentist..
It starts at just the thought of having to go even if it’s not me that’s getting my teeth checked. I really start to get panicky and well if I know I have to go I cry, feel sick and physically shake.
I know its something that some people really enjoy but I HATE it. It’s sending me funny just thinking about it. It all stems from my childhood dentist *shivers* He wasn’t very nice and always spoke very quietly, he just didn’t make me feel comfortable. Also a while ago I had to be referred to another dentist around as I get so panicky I needed to be sedated to get the work done properly….. I don’t like having things in my mouth.
It’s a horrible feeling, lol its a silly thing to be afraid of but I am very afraid of the dentist.
And bugs, I really am not a fan. The other night we had left the bedroom windows open, as it was quite warm. Then when I went to bed there was a huge daddy-long-legs flying around. I had to get the Mr to get rid of it for me, I refused to sleep in the room if it was still in there, bless him though he spent a good 10 minutes trying to catch it.
Are you afraid of anything?