Day 15 – A timeline of my day

Timeline of my day

timeline3:30am – Ugh it’s what time??? Turns over and goes back to sleep

5:45am – Woke up as I can hear the Mr in the shower and getting ready for work, falls back asleep.

6:28am- Ok I’m now awake, creeps down stairs as trying not to wake the kids up.

6:30am kettle is on cats are few and the curtains are now open. It looks like its going to be a nice day.

7am- builders are on site and cracking on with building the houses… noisy things they are.

7:30am- youngest is up, cuddle’s  on the sofa. Oh my whats this the eldest is up too…… this hasn’t happened for a while she’s normally sleeps until mid morning!

7:45am – All fed and the washing up is left for me in the sink YAY

8:30am washing machine is on, the suns shining so let’s get the bedding done.

9:45am- All ready for the day.

10:15am – dropping the eldest off so she can go into town.

10:20am phone calls to builders chasing up things they need to do.

11am- Harry Potter and the deathly hallows time, seriously love HP

12:00pm lunch with the imp who wants tuna sandwiches and humus and carry sticks with a banana milkshake.

13:11pm Waiting for the gas man to come and install hive for us… bet he doesn’t turn up until 5:55pm

15:11pm – Yay gas man is here, jobs seems a little more tricky but he’s cracking on with it. Best put the kettle on.

16:50pm – seems there’s a technical problem, best put the kettle back on.

17:55pm – All done I now have a nice shiny new heating control system as I’m dishing up tea.

19:10pm – Where does all the washing up come from??? now its all done it’s time to sit dow and chill.

20:30pm – time for the girls to head to bed, ahhh peace and quiet.

22:00pm- Falling asleep on the sofa, off to bed I go, good night.