Day 15- 31 day challenge

Day 15- Time line of your day
Hi so I here is what  I will be getting up to today.
6am- Time for me to get up and out of my cosy bed 
Then downstairs for a cup of freshly brewed coffee!
I make the school lunches for my girls and get myself ready as I’m working/volunteering in school.
7am- Is get up time for the girls.
They have breakfast and get ready for school
There is always a bit of me nagging them to eat faster or for them to brush their teeth before they all fall out.
8am- Time to check everyone has everything in their bags for school.
Also for mummy to check her bag to. 
8:30am- Off to school we go.
9:45am I’m in school working as a Teaching assistant 
12pm- Lunchtime WOOP WOOP
1pm -Back to work 
3:30pm – Time to collect the girls and home
4pm- Cooking time…. where I stand at the fridge for ages going what shall we have and open and close the door several times then go look in the freezer, to then close it and go back to the fridge HAHA
5pm-Daddy’s home and time for tea.
5:30pm- Home work and reading time. Mummy loves the reading time best 
6pm- Time to take my eldest to brownies along with her cello as she is doing her performance badge.
Time for me to nip to Tesco while daddy is at home putting my youngest to bed.
A few bits from Tesco 
8pm- Brownie pick up and straight home.
8.30pm- Eldest in bed and time for me to put my feet up and fall asleep on the sofa 


  1. What a nice organised day you have 🙂 I’m lucky not to have to decide what is for dinner as the Mr uses it as wind down time when he gets in from work as he loves to cook! xx

  2. Sounds very organised, i think i should take a leaf out of your book! xx

  3. Sounds like you have a great routine in place 🙂

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one who falls asleep on the sofa! I don’t know why but I always sleep really well there and not so well once I’ve gone to bed lol x

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