Day 14 – Whats in my handbag

Ohh whats in my hand bag, lets take a look shall we…

So this is my bag it’s from River Island, I love it its a smaller bag than I’m used to but means that I can’t put as much crap in it lol.



Lets take a look inside


Seem like there’s a fair bit in there doesn’t it. But I’m sure that it’s all essential….


ok so this is whats inside


As you can see there is all sorts in there and there’s a lot less in there than I thought really.

So lets talk about whats in their.

  • my kindle, now I love my kindle a lot its great for traveling too and I don’t have to carry around heavy books in my bag.
  • a notebook and a pen just so I can note things down when I’m out and about, infant I’m sure this challenge in written in their too.
  • an iPod, for anytime I need to listen to some tunes.
  • headphones needed for phone and iPod use.
  • a hair brush as you never know when you might need one…
  • sweets
  • shopping list and receipts.
  • a reward card for the works.
  • sunglasses
  • my daughters lip balm
  • 2 purses???? well ones mine and ones my youngest… she has more money than me in hers.

Maybe I should empty my bag(s) more often to see whats hiding inside them.