Day 11 – Most Proud Moment

most proud moment


Well there have been lost of proud moments over the years, but my most proud moments would be the birth of my girls!

They are both growing up too fast and I still remember the days they were born and I held them in my arms for the first time. The love that I felt and also the amazement that I had carried them for so long and then they were there.

Seeing all the little mile stones they achieved, bring a smile to my face. They are still doing new things even though they are much older, every school report or certificate makes me feel proud and that I am doing something right. Even though sometimes I feel like I’m not the greatest parent.

There have been other proud moments in my life to like being able to do my dream job and make a difference to others.

We moved recently which is another proud moment, we never thought that it would happen but hard work and determination has paid off and we are enjoying the next chapter of our lives.


Whats your proud moment, leave me a comment I would love to read them.