Busy busy busy

Wow! where has the past week or so gone????
I have been busy with getting the girls back into the routine of school etc. Imogen is now in school full time after only 4 half days.
She is loving school.. I knew  that she would there were no tears or anything just happy to be there. I guess I was a little sad and well lost!
That first day I came home not knowing what to do with myself it was strange but also nice.
So once I had done all the house work and sat down with a brew I really started to enjoy my “me” time.
So not only the kids being back in school it was also time for me to start college.
I was quite nervous about heading back to college but looking forward to it, it was a rush getting from school with the kids cooking tea getting the Lucy ready for brownies and also making sure I had everything for college.
I was glad of the walk to college which is only 10mintues away. The butterflies were going but I was excited.
There are 19 people on the same course as me which is good, they have for some reason cut the course down from 32 weeks down to 20 weeks. This means there is going to be a lot of work to take in and do.
I’m sure I will post about college and  my course more.
Then, I have also started my placement in school which is great been doing loads today… I love it, def picked the right path for me.
So I’m off to pop the kettle on and put my feet up


  1. Thank you huni, I will be one tired lady after a full day in school and the college later x

  2. Glad Imi settled so well and that you are so happy with College!

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