Britmums Live 2014

Yes you read that right is definitely said 2014 
I know its just under a year away and this post may be a bit to early but I wanted to tell you all that 


I’m a little overexcited about it to, I wanted to attend this year but left it to late and didn’t have the funds for it… I felt quite sad when I heard it was sold out.
I kept up via twitter on what was happening and watched via u stream so I kind of felt a part or it. From what I saw I knew that I was thinking of going to the next Britmums live I did have a little gentle persuasions from PinkOddy, she attended and had a great time. It didn’t take much persuasion really when she told me tickets were on sale and at the early bird price I couldn’t resist. 

So why this post other than to shout it from the top of my blog that I’m going to Britmumslive2014.

Well since I booked even though I feel happy about attending…. I’m also feeling very nervous. I have never attended a blogging event and from twitter and the Britmums site a lot of people seem to know each other already. I have even had dreams about it already and yes I’m feeling a little anxious already, I don’t even want to think what I will be like when it come to the day.

I guess it is the fear of the unknown, as quite a small blogger trying to get herself out there is hard especially when you see bloggers who have a huge following and know each other so well.  I know that when they day does arrive I try and will take it by the horns and blooming well enjoy every minute of it. Yes I will be nervous and even a little shy to start with but I’m really nice (well I think I am lol) I may not be as forward as others and will be overwhelmed at the idea of meeting new people I can’t wait. 

So If your thinking about going GO FOR IT
Even if your feeling like me just know that your not alone.