Bringing home the books

Since we moved house nearly a year ago, we have had a lot of our stuff left in storage as we weren’t sure where we were going to put things in the new house or if we would even have the room to put everything in.

We made the decision to take everything out of our storage container as the cost was quite a bit and it really was about time we sorted out our stuff. So one van hired and filled with the contents which contained 6 boxes of books. Yup you read that right 6 Boxes and not small boxes either full of our books.

There is a love of reading that runs thought our family and its only the girls that has had their books since we moved and well, lets just say they weren’t really ones we were interested in reading haha. I mean I had my kindle so I was able to read but really we missed our collection of books. `

Slight problem though….. there is no bookcase for us to put them on!

We decided on a trip to the big blue box (Ikea) for one of their book cases, I decided that I would like doors on the book-case so the room didn’t look too cluttered with the array of books we have. It is all open plan downstairs and I just wanted things to look neat. I can honestly say the Mr doesn’t like Ikea as he’s not one to mooch and just look around he likes to get in there with a purpose and get what he needs and get out again, it’s almost like a military operation.

Armed with a tape measure and a pencil behind his ear we managed to get everything we needed in quick time. We choose a Billy bookcase with glass doors, what I loved about this one is that you could customise the door by putting in some wallpaper.

I chose this wallpaper from Next  there were so many to choose from but this one caught my eye, I thought it would look fab in the glass doors, and I certainly wasn’t wrong if I do say so myself!

I’m so happy with how it turned out and god knows how I managed to get the paper lined up on the doors it really was a fluke. But I’m happy to have our books back so that we can continue to enjoy them. The only problem now is that we do have some books that didn’t fit in to this book-case so it looks like we will be heading back  to IKEA to get another one.

So tell me what is you all time favourite book? Seen as I will be getting another book case I will need to fill it


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  1. Hi Rachel, oooOOOooo that was a long time to go without books. A few years ago we had to have a major clear out of books as we had far too many and really not enough space. We still have far too many books in the house, but a house without books can’t be s home (can it?).

    The wallpaper does finish the bookcase off nicely…. Books are like music and films, I can never choose a favourite as it totally depends what mood I’m in at the time.


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