On Saturday we headed to Manchester for a family day out. We had gotten wind of a LEGO event  called Bricktastic.

Bricktastic is the  largest LEGO event in the North of England hosted in the heart of Manchester city center at the Manchester Central exhibition centre. There  were lots to see and even chances to have fun and build with LEGO. But all he proceeds from the event go to a charity called Fairy Bricks who help provide LEGO to children in hospital. I think that this is a fab idea.

Heres what Fairy Bricks do

We work as closely as possible with hospital play teams to deliver the sets they actually need. Using our knowledge we offer advice on the suitability of sets depending on how a hospital intends to use the sets. Sometimes the sets remain in ward play rooms, and smaller sets can be built in bed by children unable to leave their rooms. On other occasions they are given to children to keep as gifts after a difficult procedure, however we leave those decisions with the play team. They know the specific needs of their children far better than we ever could.


So far we have given LEGO to forty-six hospitals and would love to double that total by the end of 2015, perhaps with your help even get to 100!.
So with tickets in hand we headed in and was greeted by a lovely guy who chatted to us and made us feel very welcome. We even joked about which one of us were the LEGO fan, which in our case is all of us!
There was so much LEGO to look and believe me I was  amazed at some of the creations that  these and I’m going to call them Master Builders had made. You could see that they loved LEGO and were so creative with it. I took some photos that you can check out in the video below.


Check out  some more pictures that were taken on the day, not by me but by TheBricksMcGee over on twitter here. Where you will find a picture of the mosaic that we were lucky enough to partake in building with many others.
Along with all the builds to look at the were also lots of LEGO to buy and some of it was retro along with some of the new stuff. I think we must have looked around these stalls a fair few times and we managed to get some lovely little pieces.
We even got to make some of our own minifugures with was a lot of fun. The girls loved making their own figures and choosing what they wanted them to look like.

If i were to choose which was my favourite display of the day I would have to say my favourite builds were the Jurassic Park ones.

They have some fab LEGO videos and photos  you should check them out here.


We had a great day at Bricktastic now I’m of to build some of the LEGO we bought and to play with our minifugures, we have certainly been inspired to build.


  1. What a great idea. Lego is such a timeless toy that all ages seem to enjoy. Love the amazing constructions that people make.

  2. Love lego! We went to Legoland a few months back which has feuled the kids love of .lego againM

  3. This looks amazing, my son is obsessed with lego so he’d definitely love this! xx

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