Blog On 2016

I still can’t quite believe how quick Blog On came around this year. But even though I wasn’t quite prepared i.e. leaving it to the day before to check out the schedule to decide what sessions I wanted to do to,  I know I’m awful, I was super excited to go.

Blog on was the first Blogging conference that I ever attended  and this year was my 3rd time of attending. So with me being an experienced blogger at a conference (not) I got my empty suitcase and believe me Laura isn’t joking when she says bring an empty suitcase, you will see why later on in this post.

I find it a little daunting walking in to things like this but it was nice to meet up with Becky from diaryofafatbottomedgirl and she drove us there, she’s much braver than me I would totally have gone the wrong way and ended up somewhere random.

Blog On was again held at MSI and if you are looking for a good day out then its a fab museum for the family.


I must confess that I didn’t take to many photos as I was chatting to brands and other bloggers a lot which is a good thing, I did mange to grab a few photos, so I will share those with you.


MorevitThere was coffee a pastries on arrival before the start of the day and everyone needs coffee right? Well the coffee I didn’t get to as I got chatting to the lovely ladies at Get More Drinks and this is what I was found to be doing….. I just wanted one of each flavour to keep me going.



We were treated to a lovely notebook and pen so we could take lots of notes in and I do love a new note-book, I think this is going to live in my handbag from now on. blogon note book2

So with a drink in hand, a notebook and my camera I was ready for the fun to begin and well speaking of fun I think I had far too much fun in the Swizzles Ball pool.

There were lots of fab Brands  to chat to in-between sessions and I really enjoyed chatting to them, the ladies at Get More Drinks, the PR girls from Smoking Gun, the people from Esdevium games and Swizzles in fact all the brands were so nice, I actually missed a session I wanted to go to as I was far to busy chatting. There is one thing that I did miss though was the craft den with Black Sheep Wool, now if had of gone in there no one would have seen me for the rest of the day but I am  kind of gutted that I didn’t go in though.

I had such a Lovely day chatting with bloggers that I haven’t seen for a while, Blog On is just a great event for other bloggers to get to know one an other. I come away so uplifted and with great ideas and new friendships each year.

I really can stress enough how fab this event is. Here are some other pictures that I took including the cake, which was the best cake that I have tasted and believe me I’ve tasted some cake!!


Now I said at the start of my post about needing a suitcase well here is the reason why you need a suitcase. GOODIE BAGS I couldn’t believe how much stuff were in the bags when I got home, my girls couldn’t wait to see what was in them.




If you have never been to a blogging conference before I would go to this one it’s very well run and so organised. Thank you Laura for putting this together again and I can’t wait for next year… or did I hear you right in the keynote another one this year or were just keeping us on our toes???





    1. And you too hun, they day sure did go quick. We will have to arrange something hun so we can chat more xx

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