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when i dream

Night has fallen and you fall asleep peacefully. It’s the perfect occasion for the dream spirits to visit you and influence your dream for better or for worse.. Listen to the voices of the fairies, but beware of the Boogeymen and the Sandmen. At the break of dawn, will you remember the dream.

In When I dream, players take turns as the dreamer who places a mask over their eyes. The other players are dream spirits who each use a single word to describe the same card. But beware the Sandmen and Boogymen who will try and lead the dreamer astray!


When I Dream is played over a series of rounds equal to the number of players.

Each round if divided into 2 phases Night and Day. Each night, one player the Dreamer tries to identify the Elements based on the clues the other players give him.

Each day, the fairies and the dreamer score points for each element the dreamer correctly identifies. The Boogymen score points for each time the dreamer is incorrect. The Sandmen score extra points when the fairies and the Boogymen score the same number of points.


  • 11 Dream Spirit cards (5 fairies, 4 Boogymen and 2 Sandmen)
  • 110 dream cards (double-sided, each with four elements)
  • 104 point tokens
  • 1 bed
  • 1 headboard
  • 1 board
  • 1 sleep mask
  • 1 sand timer (2 minutes)
  • 1 rule book.


Place the board in the Center of a table and place the ben in the Center of the board. Shuffle the dream cards  and place them on the bed. Then put the headboard to cover one of the two elements. Covered elements are not used during the game. Place the sand timer and the point tokens within reach of all players.

Depending on the number of players, take the number of corresponding dream spirit cards refer to the rule book as it has a little chart showing this. All other dream spirit cards are returned to the box as these will not be needed during the game.

The oldest player becomes the dreamer for the first round. They take the sleep mask and place it in front of them.

Game play

The dreamer shuffles the dream spirit cards and deals one to each player, each player looks at their card without revealing it to the other played. Then the dreamer covers their eye with the eye mask, place the top dream card to the bottom of the pile to reveal the next element and turn the sand timer.

Starting with the player to the left of the dreamer each player gives a simple word clue that describes the element. Proceed this way until the dreamer interrupts to guess the element. If the dreamer is correct the card is placed on the yellow side of the board and if the dreamer in incorrect the card is placed on the blue side of the board.  Then players resume taking turn giving a clue on the next dream card and so on until the 2 minute timer is up.

When the 2 minutes are up the dreamer can take one last guess of the element if they choose too (it’s not mandatory). If they decide not to the last card stays on top of the deck.

Before taking of the mas the dreamer recounts their dream and tries to mention all the elements they guessed during the night. When the dream we has finished recounting their dream they can remember the sleep mask.


they players reveal their dream spirit cars and score points as follows

  • fairies score 1 point for each dream card on the yellow side of the board (correct answers)
  • Boogymen score 1 point for each dream card on the blue side of the board (incorrect answers)
  • the dreamer scores 1 point for each dream card on the yellow side of the board. They also score an extra 2 points if they mentioned all the elements placed on the yellow side of the board when recounting the dream.
  • Sandmen compare the number of cards on each side of the board. If there are the same number of cards on each side they score 1 point for each card on the yellow side, plus 2 extra points. If there’s one card difference they score a number of points equal to the greater f these two numbers. If there is a difference of two or more cards they score the number of points equal to the smaller of the two numbers.


The game ends when all the players have had a turn of being the dreamer.


This is a fairly simple and straightforward game that everyone can join in. We love that this game encourages the players to be imaginative and gets them to make up their own little story for extra points.

The board game pieces are good quality, the sleep mask is beautifully printed. We all enjoyed this game and love the concept of this word guessing game. I would definitely recommend it. A fantastic communication game for the whole family stimulation everyone’s imagination.

You can buy When I dream for £26.99

** I was sent this game as part of the Asmodee Blogger Board Game Club all views are my own**