Blogger Board Game Club- Pandemic



As humanity is gripped by four deadly viruses spreading rapidly, it’s a race against time for players to fly around the world treating diseases, sharing knowledge and preventing  outbreaks to slow down the epidemic. The fate of humanity is in your own hands!

Pandemic is an international award-winning game, is an exciting, cooperative game of strategy and resilience. Taking a unique role within the team, players must work together to plan their strategy  in order to stop the fast spreading diseases before time runs out!

The game is easy to set up and is explained well in the instructions, some games make the instructions difficult but this one was straight forward. Game play lasts for around one hour. At the start of the game each play needs to take a role, each roll has their own special abilities and gives the advantages to help in different event that happen during play.  The cards are dealt depending on the number  to the of players.

The board has several population centres, during each turn players use up to four actions to move between cities, treat infected areas, build research centres and CURE diseases. The cards provide players with these options, there are also Epidemic cards and these can make the epidemic  worse.

This is a team game where you have to work together to cure the diseases it’s the only way to beat the Pandemic. It’s a well designed game and we love that it’s a cooperative,  that gets the whole family involved.

Pandemic is suitable for  2 to 4 players aged 8+ and costs around £32 – £36


**I was sent this game as part of the Asmodee Blogger Board Game Club all view are my own**