Back to school

So the schools are back in YAY!!!
I’ve loved having my kids at home and doing lots of nice things. But boy was i ready for school to start. Even i was surprised by how well i woke up on the first day after having a sleep in for 6 weeks, 6am and the beep went off and i was wide awake,i was ready for the chaos! But none was to be found. I enjoyed a coffee and my early morning dose of social networking (I know lol) Then i got showered and dressed just before the kids new alarm clocks went off. Then beep beep beep and they were up.
It was just my eldest Lucy going back to school Imogen doesn’t start for a few more days. So breakfast was eaten, washed, teeth brushed, dressed and hair done ready for school but it was only 7:45am I could not believe it but i bet it wont last haha.
The school run went well a bit more traffic on the road it was raining so glad we were in the car.
Ahh how i had missed the school run!
It was nice to have some time with Imogen on her own but just wanted to have lunch it was only 10am. Then in a blink of an eye it was time to go back on the school run. Watching all the smiles on kids faces coming out of school they must have been glad to go back to or glad of the fact it was home time haha! School finishes at 3:30pm and I was still stood waiting, Lucy finally walked round at 3:45pm and said she had been chatting to her friends.
So all in all YAY for school being back!