Back in school!

Well not only are the kids back in school so am I.
As part of my college course you have to work/volunteer 10hours a week
I’ve been doing this since May this year and really enjoy it.
I didn’t go straight back in September as I wanted to make sure that Imogen was settled in school and happy.
So I was back working in school this week I only do 2 full days but love it. I have moved classes to I was working with year1 last term and now I’m working with year 3!
I love to get hand on with the kids and I sure did that this week haha.
I’ve done things from setting up things for lessons to support work with groups, marking books, listening to readers and the one thing I’m pretty pleased about. I put up a wall display!! I will have to take some pictures of it.

So it’s been a good week 2 days in school I love it. I have found the job that I want to do!