So I’m a little stressed out this morning and have been on the phone to my local council.
We have been having some problems with our street flooding. A few years back it was really bad and my husbands car got flooded and ended up being a right off.
The council and some other agencies fixed the problem and it hadn’t flooded for a while. BUT in the past maybe 6 weeks it’s started flooding when it rains.
It was really bad on bonfire night, then this morning I was going out on the school run and there were the tell tail signs that it had flooded over night again. I have become used to seeing what its like after it floods and my heart just sinks every time. I don’t park my car outside my house anymore I park it where I know it’s safe! I have sand bags outside my door and every other door in the street. I know that if I wanted to put my house on the market I wouldn’t be able to sell it because of this problem.
So I have been on the phone yet again asking them to come and sort it out but other agencies don’t want to take the blame and sort it out. They cancelled a meeting and we are waiting for another meeting to take place but don’t know when that will be.
It’s really starting to get me down and I feel it’s just me and another neighbour that are sorting it out and no one else in the street is bothered. But they would be if their house was damaged tho.
I am now waiting on people to get back to me…… I could be waiting for some time!

Just needed to have a little rant

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