Another meltdown

Well for a while we have been experiencing meltdowns with my eldest. But lately I’m getting upset listening to her and the things that are making her upset…

My heart just breaks a little more with each thing she’s worrying about. 

Tonight she told me she doesn’t know how to deal with the emotions that she’s feeling.

We have talked about how her body is changing and hormones can be to blame, we talked about a ways where we don’t always end up shouting and screaming at each other.
 She’s worried about being a good person and wants to be better person but she doesn’t know how. She’s worried about being a good role model for her younger sister and also she a worrying about what other people think of her.  

She went on a weekend away with her new school and she was nervous about it on the day she was going (Friday) she said the thought of going was making her feel ill and she was going to miss us. She went to France and a week away with her primary school and was fine.
I held back the tears while trying to tell her that she is an amazing person even thought she has her little breakdowns every now and again I love her with all my heart.
She has dealt with leaving primary school and starting high school so well. I’m so proud of her.
She is so down on herself at the moment and I don’t know how to pick her up or even the right words to say to her. 

To me she is still my baby and want to make everything OK for her. But I don’t know how other than telling her she’s amazing and that I love her. To see her sobbing and how vulnerable she is really makes me sad. 


  1. I think you are doing all the right things. It’s been abig change for them. My son is exhausted. Just keep listening to her.

    1. Thanks hun, she is also very tired theres a lot to take in each day. Im just hoping that it gets easier.
      I just feel like a bad parent and I should be doing something more.

  2. What a moving post. The pre-teen years do seem to be tough for some kids and there doesn’t seem to be any real reason why. I hope she learns to cope with her feelings soon.
    My boys seem to be coping OK, but who knows how my daughter will do?

  3. Agree with Sarah, I can really sense the maternal heartache in your post. When it’s out of our control it’s so hard to stand back and watch. I can only suggest organising a couple of family fun outings letting your daughter choose. Something like a bowling game or running free in a forest is both bonding and energising. I hope she feels better as the weeks pass x

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