An update of my hobby

A while a go I posted about me taking up a new hobby you can read it here.
I have been practicing my skills mostly at trying to master that darn Granny Square. 
You can see from my previous post I was really struggling with it and just couldn’t seem to master it at all.  
That was until I got a magazine that had knitting and crochet patterns and ideas in. 
I thought the pattern looked good and easy enough for me to follow and I knew how to do the stitched it required and well here is the result.

Woohooo I managed to make a granny square!!!! I have made many squares and hoping to sew them together to make a blanket. I have put that on hold at the moment as I have started another project.
I mentioned a ripple pattern that I had tried and well there is someone who I know that is pregnant so I thought I would have a go at making her a baby blanket using this  pattern.

I am really pleased with my crafting skills at the moment and I am hoping to get this finished soon so I can give it to my friend.
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