An Amazing time

 Ok I’m going to put this here just in case someone may not want to read this post and in no way shape or form am I forcing what I believe upon you. Some of you may have already guess this post will have something to do with religion and my faith. So if you don’t want to read thank you for taking the time to stop by and I do hope that you will come back sometime :o) and for those that do I hope you enjoy my ramblings.

Ok I guess this is the first time that I have ever put my faith out there publicly and it feels kinda scary and I also feel good about it. 
Ok Ok….. lets try and get to the point. 
I am a Christian 
There its out there *deep breaths* I know that there is nothing wrong with it and I’m sure there are a lot more Christians out there in the world its just I don’t know that many lol.
So the weekend I had the opportunity to attend Northern Women’s Convention I knew a friend who was going and I asked if I could go along with her and some members of her church. 
What a day it was!!!!!!!!!!
There was 900 women who attended which is amazing and then you sit there and think wow all these women have the same belief/faith as you I was blown away just by seeing the amount of women there.
We had a fab speaker called Kathleen Nielson to start off the day after a bit of worship ( I do love a good worship song) Kathleen had us looking at Isaiah 55. I for one struggle with reading the bible and well its not easy to read sometimes, often dipping in and out of the bible to look for answers yes I know that you shouldn’t do that and after listening to Kathleen and following her in her talk I really feel like I understood a small section of the bible. 
It blew me away. 
She told a story of a member of her bible study group a single mum trying to bring up her little one who was new to her faith. One day she came to the study and while there sat in floods of tears, Kathleen took her to one side for a chat and this lady said she was at wits end and lay on the bed holding the little one while they slept and she prayed for God to show himself to her the kind of booming voice, visions kind of way desperate for some kind of sign from him.
I know that I have sat and prayed just like that on more than one occasion in fact I did it just a few days before I attended this conference.
Kathleen said to this lady that God is already speaking to her and she was carrying it around with her day to day and she didn’t realise it. 
Her Bible!!!!
Heres what I learnt, that God’s word is already speaking to me.. You just have to learn to how he speaks to us through his word, not to depend on us but to depend on God and in Isaiah 55 it says Come all those who are thirsty. You just have to be wanting to hear Gods word and he will speak to you. Not in the booming voice way but through the Bible. 
When I heard Kathleen telling this story I felt like it was for me God saying just pick up that blooming Bible that you have in your hand more often and I will be there for you anytime you need.
I’t going to take me a while to process everything that was said in the talk but I can say I really enjoyed it. 
With the convention you get to choose two seminars that you want to attend I attended How God guides by his word and Gods word in song and loved them both!!!! There was so much to learn and I am still trying to process it now. The word WOW keeps springing to mind.
At the final part of the day Kathleen gave another talk on a passage in Joshua 2 and it was equally as good as her first talk….. maybe it was the american accent but she was just so easy to listen to.
There was also a book stall there on the day and since my Christian book shop shut down I have to get all my books online or travel to a shop 30min away. The book stall there was AMAZING with so much choice and yes I did buy a few books and I cant wait to get stuck into them they also have a site its 10 of those so go check it out!!!
Well I had a great time and I will definitely be attending next years convention. Sorry if it has been a bit of a rambly post its just a brief of what it was like for me the bits that really stuck out to me.
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  1. I love that God spoke to you through Kathleen. The bible is pretty awesome once you start to read it and actually work out what is being said. I have been so challenged into faith with the friend who couldn’t see that what I believe isn’t some airy fairy faith but is firmly rooted in His word, and He is always there in the bible. Not always how you expect but always there. Love you tons. God bless xxxx

  2. Sounds like a great day. Well done to you for posting about your faith – a brave move. I enjoyed reading it.

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