A wintry afternoon out

Cabin fever had hit with the festive season being busy and we had spent a lot of time indoors we needed to escape…

We have a wetlands family pass so decided to head over to Martin Mere and feed the ducks and enjoy some fresh air. What a day we picked its was a super cold and when I looked out the window it was extremely foggy.

It was also a good time so I could play with my new toy, with lots hats, scarfs, gloves and thermal socks we headed out.

A rather foggy drive

Here are some other photos that I took on our wintry afternoon it my new camera lens








We had a lovely day out, even though it was cold. I would recommend heading to a wetlands place they are great for the kids. We have been visiting this one for many years and always find something new that we haven’t seen before.

I would love to see any photo/photography post you may have, leave the links in the comment box.

Looking forward to checking out your posts.



    1. Aw thats cute, I don’t blame him lol.
      Thanks for stopping by I’m off to check out your blog x

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