A trip to see the lights

So it’s that time of the year again where we take our annual visit to see Blackpool’s Illuminations.
We take the girls every year and have done so since Lucy was small, I have to say they aren’t as amazing as when I was a child but the girls love to go.
We went on a friday straight from school Imogen fell asleep on the was bless her she must of had a hard day at school. 
Now you can’t go to Blackpool and not have fish and chips, is it sad we go to the same place every year??? It was rather yummy and well I could have eaten it again if I had been given the chance.
We then took a walk along the beach which is always fun we find shells see how far we can throw stones and generally just look out to sea and watch the sun set. Yes I do realise we are in Blackpool lol I know it doesn’t have the the best of reputations and tacky but its nice.
Here are some pictures that I took while we were walking along the beach.

We always end up at the South Pier were we love to have a go on the slots, the girls really enjoy this part of our visit.. Never knew you could have so much fun with a pot of 2p’s.
After we have spent up or saved some like Imogen likes to do (she’s not keep on spending it all)
we take a walk back to where we started but we stop off for some donuts, candy floss  and a brew on the way.
This has to be my fav part! 
So Blackpool we will see you again next year