A trip to Scotland

We had planned a trip to Scotland to go and see some family. What I didn’t realise was that we planned to travel the same day that my eldest came home from a trip with school, where she had spent the week at a PGL camp.
At least it was a peaceful drive as once we had stopped for something to eat they soon fell fast asleep.
Good job we bought pillows and a blanket 
A very tired L
We arrived in good time the car journey was around 3 1/2 hours which we didn’t think was too bad.
I was looking forward to getting into a nice comfy bed and with us being in a premier inn a good night sleep is guaranteed.
We awoke the next morning feeling refreshed and ready for a day out, L was feeling a little off but we put that down to her being tired from her school trip.
Some hot food inside us with a dose of caffeine we were ready for the day. We met up with our cousin and we decided as the weather wasn’t great we would head to the Glasgow Science Centre 
The outside of the Science centre is awesome
They suggested that we start at top of the museum and work our way down, they have a Body Works floor  which was really interactive the girls really enjoyed it but I think us adults enjoyed it too.

I finding out how high she can jump.

Seeing how hard it is for a human heart to pump blood around the body.

There was so much interacting and touching stuff you could do.

L using the age your self camera and also seeing what the effects of alcohol and smoking can do to you.

We had a go and building our own chromosomes

This was a game the Mr tried playing it was hard. 

This was fun I put her face into the Pin Art

This is what i looked like from the other side.

We got the Mr to have a go and this was the result we had so much fun playing with this.

I had a go and making a bowl sing.

I loved this quote.

These were fun goggles that distorted your vision, it was rather funny to watch people trying to complete the puzzles.

This was hard you had to try and right you name but you could only see in the mirror which was reflecting it backwards, it was very confusing your brain was telling you to do it one way but your hand another. This was my attempt at my name and I didn’t do to bad at all.

This is a random photo but I took I to the toilet and felt like I was in  a Harry Potter scene.

I was shocked at how much time we spent in the museum it was all day. My brain felt like it was going to explode from all the learning/interacting we had done.
We were also in need to some yummy food, there was a pub next to our hotel that was called Outside Inn. It really was the outside inside

There were trees and lantern and it felt like you were outside.

A selfie with I

The Mr and L she always seems to be pulling faces on photos.

After food we went bowling and had lots of fun but I failed at taking anymore photos. I think we all slept well that night.
On the Sunday we went off on a treasure hunt using  Treasure Trails if you have never heard of them I would say check them out we have used them before they have trails for lots of places.
You have to find the answers to the clues (like you didn’t know that already lol) and work out the answer. Ours was a Murder Mystery one, we got to learn about the area and see something that you might not normally see. The girls loved working out the clues and finding things in our surroundings and I have to say they were better at it than us adults.
We had a lovely time away on our mini trip and can’t wait until the next one. 
Thanks for stopping by and reading xx