A trip to MOSI

So Easter holidays trip out.

We didn’t want to spend to much money and wanted to do something educational so we decided to head to MOSI the museum of science and industry in Manchester.

We got the train which the girls love it was a pretty chilly day but we were looking forward to having some fun.

On arriving in Manchester we had just a short walk to the museum the youngest was complaining already these was cold. She did choose to wear a summer dress bless her.

We got to the museum which the admission is free!!

A bonus for a non expensive day out. They have

Lots to see and do but we decided we could go and get tickets for the 4d cinema ( I was very excited about this)

After a short walk to another building in the grounds we got our tickets and decided seen at there was a show in 10minuites time we would just stay n watch that one.

They have two shows running

Fly me to the moon and robin hood here is a link to them on their website


It’s good as its aimed at kids from the age of 4 we went in and collected our 3d glasses and got comfy in our seats, Imogen was asking about what would happen so we told her that the seats might move and the glasses made it look special.

I have to say tha tit was fab we all loved it, Lucy and Imogen were laughing away and the seats we moving and air was blowing and we even got a little wet.

I would definitely reccoment going to see a 4d film of you ever get the chance.

There were some craft things on for the children so the girls were helping to make a train but paper macheing a model that was then going to be added to other bits that had been made by children over the holidays, there will be a picture of it in a week or so on there website

We then found some science things to do which the girls loved all the hands on.


They had this cool tv hanging display in the middle we kept seeing people’s pictures on e screens so we decided to have a go so here are our pictures




We had wonderful time and learnt lots of things.