A nice day for a stroll

We decided to take a walk in a local area that I have never really been to. 
The kids have been there a few times when its snowed to go sledging. It’s meant to be a beautiful place so we headed out with the kids even though they were protesting that they didn’t really want to go anywhere.

“It’s fresh air.” is all I could say and “People spend far to much time sat indoors and on technology.” I had the sudden thought I sounded really old when I said that and I’m sure my girls thought that too.

Anyway with grumpy kids in the car we headed off to enjoy the “fresh air” I had been telling them they needed. On the approach the imp said “I’m not walking all the way up that hill!” that then set the eldest of saying she wasn’t going to get out he car. We parked up and I was really looking forward to just some outdoors time. I posted recently here about just stopping and taking time to look at the things around us. I wanted us as a family to enjoy the things we most often take for granted.

With the camera in tow and two not so happy kids we headed off to see what was there. Here are some snaps that I took 

It was such a beautiful day the sun was shining and it was warm, I had over dressed wearing a hoody and a coat. I was fascinated with the sky in this shot, the photo didn’t do it justice. There were sheep in the field at the top, the girls raced to see how many there were.

We did encounter some of these along our walk, which the imp loved to climb.

I don’t know what it is with my girls but love climbing trees and getting dirty. They would spend hours just exploring, as you can tell the kids were now enjoying the ‘fresh air’ I had been banging on about.

Even with the grey clouds rolling in it was beautiful to see how high up we were and trying to figure out which direction we lived in from the views around.

We came across this bridge and I couldn’t wait to get some shots with the sunlight coming through, this probably isn’t the best shot but I like it.

From this point things went down hill when the imp ran to her dad and slipped and fell, bumping her knee and grazing her hand. The eldest was starting to moan so I said we could start heading back and we could grab a drink from the barn.
The walk was a little quicker on the way back as it was downhill, we didn’t really want to head home so, out came a ball from the boot of the car and we started to have some fun kicking it around. My eldest asked to use my DSLR to take some pictures of her own and I have to say she didn’t do a bad job. 

I took over the camera and grabbed a few shots of them all in the trees I shall call this next photo 

The Three Monkey’s 

I think we all had a great time and cant wait to head back and explore some more.