A little bit of sunshine

What a beautiful day today was, the sun was shinning and the bird were tweeting from the early hours. I didn’t even mind that I was woken up by the alarm clock that wasn’t even set for me.
Today Ive not really done much other than watched my girls play in the garden, hanging the washing on the line (haven’t done that much yet this year) We recently bought a chimera and well its been sat in the box because well I think since the day we got it it has rained.
Well seen as the sun is shinning I thought I may as well put it together seen as i am known as the flat pack Queen in this family.
I thought that it can be that hard what i didn’t realise was how heavy the box was!!!!! We didn’t go for a large chimera just a small ish one would do the job. When I opened the box I thought it cant be that hard! once all the pieces were out, I did the sensible thing and counted the screws which for a moment I couldn’t find in the box and had a little panic. When my heart had slowed a bit I found that they had given us a spare screw, or maybe I just can’t count ( there was definitely an extra screw)
As for the instructions…….. Well they were a load of rubbish really and  took me ages to figure out which screws belonged with which code. Finally I could start putting it together and it started looking a bit better 

 I have to say I was getting a little stressed out with it and muttered a few choice words under my breath so the kids couldn’t hear me and here is the final result                               (yes the picture is wonkey its not your eyes lol)

Well then something funny happened………
I couldn’t stand up!!!!!! my back was killing me and it took me a while to stand upright it hurt to walk and sit but its not as bad now but still very sore.
I was looking forward to having a nice little fire tonight to be told no love not tonight……

My reply was so I’ve put this together and hurt my back for nothing…. cheers!