A Lego obsession

A bit of an obsession within our house.
What is that obsession I hear you ask?????
Its those blooming plastic block that if you stand on them they can make even the most manly man cry.. 

That it your right its LEGO!!

Ever since the Lego Movie came out not only my kids but my hubby has become a little addicted to those blocks. So much so we are running out of space to put them and I was getting tired of it being all over the floor.

We came up with the idea of making some sort of table to use when the kids/hubby wanted to have some fun. I took to Pintrest to see what I could find and I came across the idea of a Lego table. 

We thought this would be a fab idea and away we went. Hubby was rather excited and took to the Internet to find a table that was big enough but also fold able so it could be stored away when it’s not being used.

The perfect table was found at Costco our next this was to get the base boards from the Lego shop, lucky enough hubby works near a Lego shop and as he spends so much time in the store he picked up the boards.

Here we are already go!

As you may be able to see from the photo we decided to try and use a glue gun to stick the boards down on to the table… This was a huge fail!! 
 We needed to use something stronger so a trip to B & Q sorted that out and we got some kind of adhesive. (I’m not sure what it was hubby was in charge of that)

There were measurements made… not by me, I’m sure you can guess who was in charge of this project lol. Once we had the pieces in their place we used Lego to keep them all connected and in place.

Here is the table with everything in it’s place, being held down by Lego.

After about 3 days and we were happy all the adhesive had dried we took the bits of Lego off and stood with a brew in hand admiring the creation we had made.

The whole family have been enjoying the table and its good to have the bricks off the floor. Hubby has enjoyed it the most I think as he has been busy creating photos for his Instagram account. Here’s a picture that he’s rather proud of you can check out more of his pictures over on Instagram his username is pie_eater81
I hope you enjoyed our craft post it was a fun thing to make and I’m sure that it will be used a lot.

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