A day at PLAYBlackpool

 When the Mr sent me an email asking if I fancied going to PLAYBlackpool, first thing I said was “What is it?”

After a brief explanation that it was a gaming event and would  packed with hundreds of games, consoles, arcades games from years gone by and also some fun stalls and merchandise. Really how could I say no!

You see we love gaming in our house and it’s something we can all do together. We love gaming of all sorts, board games, card games and computer gaming. We often get strange looks when we are out as we are always on the hunt for Mii’s with our 3DS’s.

We love our 3DS's
We love our 3DS’s

With tickets in hand off we went, lucky that it’s not a long journey but managed to play some Mario Kart with the kids.

Tried to take a selfie but they photobombed me
Tried to take a selfie but they photobombed me

 When we arrived we were welcomed in by some happy staff and a bonus that there was only a few people in front of us in the line.

Welcome to PlayBlackpool

“WOW!” Is what I heard the kids say as we walked in there were lots to see. We came across the Retro Arcade machines to start with and well the girls looked at them a little strange but soon got pretty engrossed in playing them.

The girls playing a classic
The girls playing a classic
Loving the arcade games
Loving the arcade games











There we so many different gaming consoles around the venue that I kept looking over and going

“OMG look, over there.” “I played that game when I was a kid.”

I was even more excited when I came across the game Dizzy that I didn’t even pull out the camera I just stood there with my mouth open. It was nice that we got to experiences the retro arcade games and then the consoles, there were even pc games there like DOOM (that’s a blast from the past) before we hit the new consoles like the PS4, Xbox ONE, Wii U and Oculas Rift. It was great to see that you could still buy retro games and consoles over at funstock, I have already been making a list of some things to get. It was amazing to see how gaming has changed over the years really did blow me away.

The whole event was really well organised and there were lots of people to help you with the games and to chat about them. We attended an event recently that was so manic it was crazy that we left early as it was so poorly organised. I had hopes that this one would be better and it was I couldn’t fault the organisers, give yourself a pat on the back guys and gals!

We were all having a great time wondering round and having fun enjoying playing games. The girls spotted something that had caught their eye and we stood watching some other people play for a little bit. My girls love to play MineCraft and well this game seemed to be some thing similar. Its called


We were asked if we would like to have a go before I could say yes the girls had each sat down at the PC and were ready to start playing. I asked some questions about the game and its suitability for my 7-year-old and pleased that it was something similar to what they have played before.

Here is a little trailer of the game.

I have to say the game was easy to play especially with it being on a PC, the girls picked up the controls well and there tasks they need to do were easy to see follow… We were whizzing away when someone came around and said wow your almost through the tutorial you’re doing really well. Even when we were struggling to do something someone was on hand to point us in the right direction. I was taking the credit but I wasn’t even allowed to touch the keyboard or mouse!

Playing SkySage
Imogen loving SkySaga

This picture isn’t great and doesn’t really do it justice, the graphics were fab and Imogen really loved this game, in fact I just let her get on with it and I got chatting to the guy who made the game. I think Imogen was a little disappointed that it is only currently on Windows and we have a Mac. Lucy also really enjoyed this game and she is 11 years old so it suited both my girls, they were playing for ages and grumbled when I said we had to leave. Even I came away wanting to give it a play myself.

The whole way home they were chatting about the game to each other and asking if they could play it again.

I think we had a great day at PLAYBlackpool and cant wait to go to PLAYExpo in Manchester later on in the year.

If you are a gamer or are a family of gamers like us then I suggest that you check it out!



  1. Sounds amazing and my family would really love to go too. Off to check it out to see if it’s possible for us to visit. Be nice to show the oldest especially how things have developed.

  2. You really had a great time at Play Blackpool, I can’t believe I missed out on the event.

    From your blog I’m definitely going to Play Expo in Manchester in October!!!

  3. It looks like a great event. My husband would love the retro games. I was pretty handy at streets of rage and sonic back in the day.

  4. It looks like a great event. My husband would love all the retro games.

    1. I would totally recommend it, there are also a few cosplay fans there as well great for kids to get a picture with their superheros

  5. This sounds like a brilliant event. My son would love to go to something like this. I’ll have to look out for similar events in the South East.

    1. My girls are getting more into gaming, it’s a good job that I like it too.

    1. It sure is, it was a really well organised event I would recommend it.

  6. Looks like you all had a great time. I am sure that my boys would love something like this too

  7. what a different day out! Perfect for older Children not really into Family time anymore. Glad you had fun!

    1. It sure is, my tween isn’t really in to the same stuff that my 7 year old is so it was a great day for both of them.

    1. Blackpool it a great place, I LOVE the new beachfront it looks lovely.

  8. Sounds like you had a good time and it was a great event. Our daughter is only 4 so she’s not really into gaming as yet – give it time though!

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